Scania V8 164G -580

     Our Scania 164g is equipped Boniface Recover with a  lowline Maxireach boom , Recoverer top crane and 4 x 30,000lb winches, Sidewinders and Anchor Spades.  

DAF CF85 - 510

   Our DAF CF85 is equipped with Essel Heavy Underlift with a Maxireach boom, and a top crane, 2 x 25,000lbs winches and Rear Stiff legs.

DAF XF105 - 460

Our DAF XF105 tractor Unit equipped with a NRC Quickswap with a rear tag, Medium Duty Under Lift and 1 x 10,000lbs winch.

DAF XF 106 - 510

 Our DAF XF106 is quipped with Boniface MK6 interstater with a maxireach underlift, 2 x H30,000lbs winches and Rear Stiff legs.

KENWORTH T800 - 600

      Our Kenworth is quipped with Jerrdan 25tn Underlift, Stiff legs, Top Crane and 2 x 25,000lbs winches.

SCANIA 94D - 260

      Our Scania 94D is quipped with Fassi 170 Crane with 4 extensions and full radio remote capability. with the a 24ft, 10tn rated slidebed, a second car underlift rated at 5tn and 1 x 10,000lbs hydraulic winch.

This vehicle is used as one of our Accident units for Specialist recoveries.

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